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Furniture is not only material goods, but also the artistic creation
      Furniture is to point to maintain normal life, human engaged in the production practice and to develop social activities necessary kind of instruments.Furniture also follow in the footsteps of time continuous development and innovation, to now category is various, different materials, variety complete, have different purposes.Is an indispensable part of family life.
     The appearance of the furniture form directly displayed in front of the user, it is the visual performance of the function and structure.Furniture the appearance of the flower attached to its structure, especially the external structure.But there is no corresponding relationship between appearance form and structure, the appearance of the different forms of the same kind of structure can be used to represent.Appearance form there is a greater degree of freedom, the combination of the space is quite selective, such as the basic structure of dresser are the same, but the style is various.
    Furniture the appearance of the form as a function of the external performance, but also has the cognitive function, therefore, has the information and symbol of righteousness;Can also play its aesthetic function, so as to produce certain exotic atmosphere, the formation of a certain artistic effect, give a person with beautiful enjoyment.